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INTRODUCING tripsavr 2.0

Introduce tripsavr 2.0 to your friends and family by giving them Preferred Customer (PC) accounts. You can give away as many FREE PC accounts as you want. Help your PCs understand and use their PC accounts and transfer your Savings Dollars to them (for free or for a fee, it’s up to you) or get them to purchase Savings Dollars on You earn travel credits whenever a PC makes a booking with tripsavr. Travel credits can be used to pay for your own bookings or just transfer them to your QNet Q Account.

We hope tripsavr 2.0 will make your networking journey much easier as you give away these FREE PC accounts. Along the way you’ll earn Travel Credits and maybe even retail your stock of Savings Dollars. In the end, we hope your PCs love tripsavr so much they purchase their very own account once their PC accounts expire.

Benefits tripsavr tripsavr 2.0
Account Validity Period Unlimited Accounts valid for 5 years and can be renewed by purchasing a renewal pack on the QNet RSP store
Savings Dollars validity period Unlimited Unlimited (You’ll need an expired account to use)
Choose from over 400,000 hotels worldwide Yes Yes
110% Best Price Guarantee Yes Yes
Give away Preferred Customer (PC) accounts Yes Yes. PC accounts are FREE and UNLIMITED
Transfer Savings Dollars to Your PCs No Yes. Retail or gift Savings Dollars to your PC
Earn Travel Credits when your PCs make a booking No Yes. Earn $2 in Travel Credits whenever a PC uses 7 Savings
Cash out Travel Credits to your Q Account or use the credits to make a booking No Yes
Customer Support
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Our extended support hours is available to all English speaking customers with tripsavr related enquiries. You may reach us at +603 7949 8288 or email us at [email protected]